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Noosa Everglades

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Noosa Everglades

What to Expect

The Noosa Everglades, one of only two everglades systems on Earth, is a world of water, wilderness and wonder in the upper reaches of the Noosa River. Known as the River of Mirrors because of the amazing reflections in the water, the Noosa Everglades is a 60km stretch of pristine waters, magnificent flora and fauna and narrow waterways.

Experience breathtaking beauty and tranquillity as you explore the Noosa Everglades with guided and self-guided kayak tours, on a guided boat tour, in your own boat or on foot.

Why we love it

This unique environment is relatively untouched and is one of Australia’s most diverse ecosystems.

It's a photographer’s dream, a bird watcher’s paradise and a nature lover’s dream escape.

Fun facts

65% of the Noosa Everglades’ catchment in National Park. More than 40% of Australia's bird species are found here.

It's the only everglades system in the world where you can safely swim (the other one has alligators!) It stretches across 2 UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, the Noosa and Great Sandy.

Getting there

Although it's one of Noosa’s hidden spots, it's easy to get to, can take as little as half a day to explore (or stay longer) and is only about 40 minutes from Noosa Heads.

Kayak tours leave from Boreen Point (about 25 minutes drive from Noosa Heads); and boat tours leave from Elanda Point. If on your own boat, head into the upper reaches of the Noosa River and through the lakes system.

Things to do

Go sailing, kite surfing or paddling – hire a canoe or kayak.

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