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Log Rolling Australia

Bring out your inner lumberjack in the fast paced sparring sport of Log Rolling!

Challenge family and friends in the ultimate test of balance and concentration.

Log rolling is a sparring water sport where two opponents stand on top a floating spinning log and compete to see who can stay on the longest. It's a safe, non-contact sport for all ages and abilities, the only question is: how will you throw off your opponent!

Don't have any experience? Don't worry, learning is easier than you think. Our expert instructors provide you with the tips and techniques required to become the next world champion!. The synthetic logs are filled with water to replicate the weight and reaction of a traditional log, as well as fitted with fins to help slow down the speed. As you improve, we remove the fins and the log spins faster...and faster....and faster!

Located within the safe and beautiful surrounds of Noosa Aquatic Centre, feel free to roll for as long or as little as you like during our session times. Come and roll with us!

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Log Rolling Australia

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